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    Preparing to Have your House Cleaned

    By WPBGreenClean | July 24, 2009

    Linda’s Cleaning Service of Wellington - Top Pre-Cleaning TipsWhile our team of house cleaners is made up of local West Palm Beach and Wellington house cleaning experts, there are some things that you can do to prepare your home for a better house cleaning. Here are the top ten tips:

    1. Communication about priorities. This can take place during our first meeting to discuss your house or via notes that you leave for the cleaning team.
    2. Please make sure air is on. This is South Florida :0)
    3. Have the house picked up. Yes, we know that you have my cleaning team there to CLEAN…but they can not get to the goal of making the surfaces of your house sparkle if they have to spend the time picking up out of place items.
    4. Kids put away. …or we may put them to work.
    5. Step stool available. …or just don’t check the tops of your cabinets – ha!
    6. Pets put away. While we LOVE animals, they can often hamper the team’s ability to efficiently clean.
    7. Leave clean sheets out. If you love to come home to fresh, clean sheets, then leave out a new set and the clean team will be sure to change them for you.
    8. Have your computer desks organized.
    9. No dishes. Enough said.
    10. Access to house, key, code, or be home. Do you live at Fort Knox? There is only so much we can do while staring through the guard gate or in your windows.

    Have any tips from house cleaning experiences that went awry in the past you want to add? Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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